FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does remote computer support work?

A: Once you’ve contacted us for service, you’ll be instructed to download a small file, which will allow our support technician to help you with your technical issue. Using our remote support software application allows the support technician to control your mouse and keyboard via the internet for quick and easy service. At any time during a session, you can retake control of your computer just by moving your mouse or ending the session by closing the secure remote application. In other words, you can have our support technician solve an issue for you while you watch, or you can have the support technician advise you on what to do step-by-step. You’ll be in charge at all times.

Q: Can a support technician look through files on my computer without my knowledge?

A: Absolutely not. Your support technician sees only what you see and whatever you decide to show him/her on your screen. If a support technician thinks it might be helpful to open a file on your computer, he/she will request this and ask for your permission before doing so. The only way for a support technician to work on your computer is by using the desktop sharing application. Once you close the application the remote session ends and the technician can no longer access your machine.

Q: Is it true that my support technician can see everything on my screen?

A: Yes. But before your support technician views your computer screen, he or she will first ask your permission and request that you close all documents containing private information. Let’s say you’re having trouble finding an updated printer driver on the Web. Rather than calling a phone number and trying to explain the problem, a live support representative can tell you what to do (by typing instructions for you in the Chat window), or he or she can do it for you (by controlling your mouse and keyboard remotely) while you watch and learn. It’s like having your own personal support technician sitting right next to you.

Q: I’ve heard that it’s dangerous to download .exe files from the Internet. Is the application virus free?

A: Yes, the remote session application is safe and secure! We’re as concerned as you are about this issue, so regular virus checks and updates are conducted. This helps us maintain our technology at the highest standard and ensure superior quality service. The warning message you may see on your screen is a default message that is displayed by your browser when you download any executable files. You can feel completely confident using this software.

Q: Why do we need a website?

A: The answer to this question is neither short nor easy. With a little research and thought you can find hundreds of reasons, but there are a few general statements that may help you realize your needs. First, a website can reach millions of people that might not otherwise be available. Second, customers can view products, services, or whatever you want to share from the comfort of their own home. No matter what type of business you are in, there are numerous ways to grow your business and make money by being on the web.

Q: What does it matter how it looks as long as it works?

A: When you receive a visitor to your site, they will instantly perceive the quality of your services or products. The first impression a customer or potential customer gets depends on the appearance of your website. A visitor will be interested and explore your site if it is appealing and easy to navigate. You are marketing yourself and your business to the world over the Internet and it is important to show your best.

Q: I don’t think a website will do anything for me, am I right?

A: No, many people overlook the various products, services, or business processes they can include on a website. Any communication or interactions that happen within your business can be made easier and more efficient by the web. Your business will save money and time while appealing to a much greater audience, the entire world.

Q: I have heard that my website can be a place to help my employees do their jobs, is this true?

A: While most businesses view the Internet as an opportunity to expand their sales through traditional e-commerce, few people are aware of the opportunities in increasing efficiency and reducing expenses. Placing business processes, especially those done daily, on the internet is possible for all types of businesses.

Q: I want to establish a strong presence on the Web. But where should I start?

A: These steps will help you obtain a professionally designed, developed and successfully marketed website.

Step One: Domain Name (URL) Registration — This is the address people will use to access your website (www.your-company-name.com). Once you have determined that the URL you wish to use is available, the cost to register a name is anywhere from $8.00 to $35.00 per year. A domain name needs to be renewed every year.

Step Two: Hosting Your Website on a Web Server — This is basically where you rent space on a computer that is always connected to the Internet. Price will vary depending on the amount of data you need to store on the host server and the amount of data that is transferred to your users or visitors.

Step Three: Design of the Website — This is where the look, feel, and content of the website are determined and created.

Step Four: Marketing Your Website — You should be thinking about the marketing strategy of your website as it is being designed. The content of the site needs to reflect the search terms if you want your site to rank high on search engines.