GeekPro Technology Services

Small Business & Home User Technology Services

At GeekPro Technology Services we help home users and small business users with the set up of new computers, printers, scanners, Wi-Fi routers and many other technology related devices. We also provide computer software support (onsite and remotely) for times when you’re having issues with software not working correctly, you can’t get your email, your printer won’t print or you need help removing viruses or malware infections. Some users just need help with installing a new operating system. We do that too. We provide setup, installation and configuration of hardware and software for both business owners and home users who want it done right the first time.

What We Can Do For You

At GeekPro Technology Services we specialize in software support and hardware installation including small office, home and hotel Wi-Fi networks. We also help with the installation, backup and configuration of business software (QuickBooks) along with the setup, installation and configuration of new office equipment including the troubleshooting and configuration of existing (POS) systems. We also provide consulting for small business owners who need help with purchasing new office computers, printers, file servers and wireless Wi-Fi routers, etc. We can assist you in making the best choices when upgrading your office hardware or software. Once the new equipment or software is purchased, we’ll take care of all the setup, installation and configuration so that everything functions correctly in an effort to streamline your business operations. At GeekPro Technology Services, We Make Technology Work For You.

Managed Onsite IT Support

We provide local onsite service. We can send a technician directly to your home or office. We offer several monthly service plan options for our business clients, which provide basic on call support or 24x7x4 coverage (24 Hours a Day – 7 Days a Week – With a Minimum 4 Hour Response Time) depending on business requirements. If your office is located outside of our coverage area, we can diagnose most computer or software issues directly via the internet. By using remote management software we can actually view the computer screen and control the users mouse while we navigate the computer to troubleshoot and correct software issues online. Contact us today to discuss our IT Support solutions for your business.

Remote IT Support

We provide remote computer support. That’s right, we can troubleshoot and fix computers located anywhere in the world. We provide technical support services to home users and small business users. If your computer is powered up and connected to the internet, we can remotely diagnose and correct many of your software related issues without the need for a technician to actually come to your home or place of business. We offer reasonable rates for our services and our technical support is 100% guaranteed. We can provide remote support to almost anywhere in the world. We also provide professional technical assistance for most computer, technology and software related issues by phone.

Telephone Technical Support

An experienced computer technician is standing by to assist you with your computer issues and provide you with professional technical support services for most Windows based PC software applications. We can also diagnose software malfunctions via the internet. That means, in most cases, you won’t have to take your computer to a shop to have it diagnosed and/or repaired. We can correct most issues online using a secure remote connection software application.

Website Design – eCommerce – Visual Media – Social Media

We provide professional website design including eCommerce solutions for our clients who want to promote and sell their products online as well as for users who just want to create an online web presence. Many of our customers are also excited to discover that we can shoot, edit and embed HD Video content directly into their websites. We also provide Social Media setup, configuration and integration as well. Contact us today for details.